Selling a house? Don't get ripped off with advertising.

by Adam Smith

If you’re looking to sell your home, it’s crucial that your property stands out from the crowd to entice the buyers. Naturally, some advertising is required. However, there are some common myths which we think need to be busted to ensure you get the results you deserve – without getting ripped off by expensive (and unnecessary) advertising costs. 

Myth #1 – ”You can’t sell a secret”

Yes, it goes without saying that you need to attract the buyers, but expensive advertising campaigns won’t necessarily give you an advantage when it comes to selling a property – especially in this day and age. While the glossy magazines may look impressive, they’re unlikely to influence a serious buyer’s interest in your home. These types of publications are, however, ideal for building the profile of your real estate agent, funded by your ‘advertising’ money…

At Iron Bridge, we believe all marketing costs should be paid for by the agency selling your property. Given the commission they’ll be earning, why shouldn’t the expert agent be prepared to pay to find the buyer?

Myth #2 – You should advertise in specialist property magazines

Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to advertise in those slick real estate magazines. Most serious buyers head straight online where they can filter their search to what they are looking for – location, number of bedrooms, price etc. They can also see new homes for sale the moment they are advertised – not when they were printed in a brochure last week. That’s why our team only recommends the advertising we know works, and (once again) we’ll pay for it.

Myth #3 – Advertising is the most effective way to attract the best buyers

The best buyers are those already in the market – and your real estate agent should already know many of them. At Iron Bridge, we have a detailed database of qualified buyers, shared by our whole team, because they know it significantly improves your chances of attracting multiple offers.

Most agents get dozens of enquiries from buyers each month, and some get thousands. Hopefully your agent is putting these connections to good use. Ask them to show you how good their database of contacts really is!

Myth #4 – Online advertising is just a nice extra

Perfecting the online marketing of your home is crucial, rather than being an afterthought. We invest in online advertising because we know it is one of the most effective marketing methods available. Does your real estate agent understand what makes a great online advert?

Myth #5 – Cast your net wide to get buyer attention

Our many years of experience have shown us that the best potential buyers for your home are likely to already be living in your neighbourhood. They already love the area, and are actively seeking to stay there. Rather than trying to appeal to a broad audience, your agent should be thinking local. We believe flyer drops around your street can also be a smart (and cost-effective) method.

A great real estate agent should be able to sell your home for the best price – with no marketing costs

If you’re selling your home, we believe you should ask your real estate agent to pay for the marketing of your property. Commissions are not small in New Zealand, so a great agent should be confident to pay for a targeted marketing campaign that gets real results – focusing online and around your neighbourhood. Don’t get stuck footing the bill!

If you want more sensible and honest advice when it comes to selling your home, talk to our team today.

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Selling A House
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Selling a house? Don't get ripped off with advertising.