Summer holidays – one of the hottest times of year to sell!

Thinking about selling your home but worried it won’t sell over the summer holidays? Think again. The summer period can be one of the hottest times to list and sell your property.

We’ve been selling houses for some time now and we’ve found that homes for sale in December and January can achieve very strong results. While the rest of the country takes a break, we’re getting ready for a busy few months ahead.

4 reasons you should sell over the summer holidays

1. Less competition
Your place will stand out. The auction rooms close in mid-December and don’t re-open for six weeks. Properties which miss this cut-off date won’t be on the market until late January – early February.

2. Greater demand
More demand for your house. Fewer properties for sale means increased demand for homes which are available. It’s an ideal selling time. It’s also great for buyers who want to avoid the hassle of an auction.

3. Serious buyers
People who need to buy, need to buy. The summer holidays are an easy and convenient time for buyers to get out and about to see places. Serious buyers will be researching and viewing properties on offer.

4. Dedicated agents
December and January are as good, if not better, than other times of the year for selling. That’s why Iron Bridge work through the holidays. We’ve even completed contracts on New Year’s Day at the beach!

Start making plans to sell

If you’re thinking of selling, talk to us about listing now and take advantage of less competition and more demand. Selling your home, with a stated asking price, over the holidays could be one of the easiest and best ways to sell.

Talk to our team today for some expert advice about selling over summer.

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Summer holidays – one of the hottest times of year to sell!