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11 Simple Property Investment Tips

April 17, 2019

Property Investment

While it’s easy to decide to invest, taking the next step is often a lot harder … and more stressful! These 11 Simple Tips are based on our many years of experience in helping clients with their rental portfolios. Follow them, and you’ll be able to get started on the right foot. 1.  Always view […]

How Much Do You Need for Retirement?

April 3, 2019

Property Investment

Depending on what article or expert opinion you’re reading, the amount you need saved when you retire can range from $13,000 to $2 million. To us, the question always is – by the age of 65, how much money will you need to be in a mortgage-free home with enough savings to enjoy retirement? New […]

Investment Property: Time to hold or sell?

June 8, 2018

Property Investment

Property investors are currently being kept on their toes with regular proposed legislative changes and new compliance requirements. When you add in the slowing real estate market, helped by tougher lending conditions, it’s easy to see why some investors are starting to re-evaluate their rental property portfolio. Could it be time to hold, or sell, […]

Should you sell a rental property with (or without) tenants?

January 18, 2018

Property Investment

If you’re a landlord, the decision to sell a house comes with a few extra considerations. That starts with weighing up if you should sell your rental property with, or without, tenants. The legal ins and outs If you’re selling an investment property, here’s the key legal details you need to know: By law, once […]

Buying into a body corporate

March 2, 2017

Property Investment

Many buyers looking for an apartment or townhouse have a pre-conceived idea about what a body corporate is and how it works. It often means that they deliberately exclude these properties from their list of ones to view. Yet, it could well mean that they’re potentially missing out on their perfect home. Being part of […]

Guest Blog: Special Tax Codes

April 28, 2016

Property Investment

Phillip Smith is a Chartered Accountant with Enable Business Ltd specialising in tax, in particular, relating to property investment. He talks here about taking advantage of the tax benefits your rental property provides – so have a read, and make sure you’re on the money with your investment property.  Probably the two most popular topics […]

6 key property investment tips

December 7, 2015

Property Investment

Knowledge matters in property investment, and some things you will only ever learn through experience.  Which is why I want to hand a little of mine over. I’ve invested and worked with property investors for over thirty years now and have seen many a success, as well as the odd investment failure along the way. […]

Take a reality check on your retirement

November 12, 2015

Property Investment

My years of teaching people how to build a retirement nest egg through residential investment property have shown me that a high proportion of people have no real plan for ensuring their retirement years are secure. This was confirmed for me in a recent article in the Christchurch Press where a survey found that more than half […]

Real estate: Keep it conservative

July 14, 2015

Property Investment

These days, conservative is not a word you hear often in regards to real estate. When you see people in places like Auckland raking in hundreds of thousands in profit after owning a home for only a couple of years, it’s very easy to start thinking ‘that’s easy – I should do it!’ While making […]

The reality of property renovation

April 29, 2015

Property Investment

Auction night is the climax of renovation reality TV. The viewers are hooked from the beginning, siding with their favourite teams and watching them transform hideous houses into ‘perfect’ homes. Tension builds, bidding wars begin and the hammer falls leaving a winning couple basking in the glory of a significant profit, for eight weeks of […]

Best locations for property investment?

November 28, 2014

Property Investment

It’s a well accepted assumption that rental properties in metropolitan areas are going to command more rent than their more provincial counterparts. But recent figures show a serious push in median rents in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch – something that will well please any investment property owners in those areas. According to Trade Me’s rental […]

Property investment: Interest only loans

November 12, 2014

Property Investment

A recent announcement by Westpac Bank of a new 30 year interest only loan has drawn fire from some quarters, but Brent Smith, Managing Director of Iron Bridge Property Group says “about time”.   “Over the years we have been frustrated with the banking world insisting on offering investment property loan terms of 2 or 3 […]

Investment property maintenance mistakes

November 3, 2014

Property Investment

It’s the often forgotten reality when owning an investment property. People step into it excited about achieving the first notch on their property portfolio belt… but easily overlook the fact that their tenant could well be on the phone needing this or that fixed within the next day!  If you’re a home-owner, you’ll know there’s […]

What does retirement mean to you?

September 26, 2014

Property Investment

In the ‘olden days’ (say, the last 80 years) it was accepted practice to retire fully from any form of paid employment. My father retired at 62 from a job where he had worked for 30+ years – cold turkey – and never worked again. Luckily he lived another 20 years, but I personally knew […]

Capital Gains Tax and investment property

September 11, 2014

Property Investment

The election is looming and the nit-picking through party policies is in full swing, but there’s one policy topic that really gets us thinking here at Iron Bridge – what would a Capital Gains Tax actually mean for people with investment property? A Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a tax taken off the profit from […]

Tax claims for investment property

August 14, 2014

Property Investment

Tax benefits are a great reward from owning an investment property, and we often have people ask us what they can claim for. So here’s a little run through on just what you or your accountant can tally up on that tax return.  The primary idea behind property investment is to have your asset working […]

First home as investment property

August 4, 2014

Property Investment

Considering getting into the property market? To give you a fresh perspective, here’s the first in our new series of real life stories about how our clients have successfully entered the property market.   Getting started in the property market when you’re young can be a great strategy – you’ve got income, few overheads, and […]

Fixed term or periodic tenancy?

June 27, 2014

Property Investment

So, you’ve got your investment property sorted. You think you’ve found a promising tenant. It’s time to sign the paperwork. But before you do, there’s one lingering question – do I go fixed term or periodic tenancy? Which is the simplest option for me as a landlord?  There are benefits to both, but it really […]

Property investment and your retirement

March 28, 2014

Property Investment

There was an opinion piece in the Weekend Herald recently – read here – which pointed out that KiwiSavers are being far too conservative in their choice of fund type when selecting their investment scheme, and by default the allocation of assets that their money is put towards. I find this conservative nature very understandable for a […]

Protecting your investment property

February 3, 2014

Property Investment

Walls ripped down, holes in the ceiling, a trail of destruction and debris throughout the house, to the point where this North Shore rental property in Auckland was almost completely destroyed.  Some of you may have seen the report on 3 News a few weeks ago – click to view. Described as “the party to end […]