Iron Bridge Property Group was founded in Christchurch by Brent and Sue Smith in 2003. The popularity of our property services has seen Iron Bridge expand to have three offices in Christchurch, Auckland and in Wellington.

While we’ve grown over the years, we remain a family-owned business with strong ties to the Smith family history and values. That’s reflected in our company name.

When Brent Smith founded Iron Bridge, he wanted a name that would signify the company’s attributes and values. These included strong foundations, an innovative approach, the ability to connect people with property, and give a nod to the company’s founding family.


The Iron Bridge

When Brent considered these values, he was reminded of the world-famous Iron Bridge that stands in Shropshire, England. Built in 1779, it was the first arch bridge in the world to be made of cast iron. It influenced the future design of many of the world’s greatest bridges.

The Iron Bridge stands just 10 minutes down the road from Ludstone Estate, which was then owned by the Smith family. The Smith family would later immigrate to New Zealand in 1850.

The proximity of the bridge to the Smith’s former estate made it an important part of the family history, and the perfect name for a property group that prides itself on strength, innovation and the power to connect.

Today, as Iron Bridge Property Group continues to grow and thrive, our name connects our family roots to our aspirations for the future and the success of our clients.