If you’re a property investor, methamphetamine or ‘P’ contamination is a scary issue. However, finding out how to minimise the risk of meth contamination is not always an easy task.

Why should I be worried about meth contamination?

When meth is manufactured, the toxic chemicals leach into the fabric of the home. If your investment property is meth contaminated, it may need extensive (and expensive) decontamination and remediation before it is habitable for tenants.

When does a rental property need to be decontaminated?

The Standard NZS8510 released in June 2017 recommends post decontamination meth levels of 1.5 micrograms or less/100cm2 in high use areas which is any area accessible by adults and/or children.

How can I prevent meth contamination in my rental property?

If you’re renting out a house, check out our top tips:

  • Get your rental property professionally tested – in between each tenancy
  • Regularly inspect your investment property – ideally every three months or as per the requirements of your insurer
  • Complete comprehensive background checks on tenants – speak to at least two referees
  • Avoid short-term leases – it’s an ideal scenario for those wanting to create a meth lab

Check your insurance fine print. Are you covered for the cost of decontamination and loss of rental income? You may also be required to conduct a certain number of property inspections every year, with documented reports prepared for each.



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