At Iron Bridge, we’re all about helping our clients to get the best out of their investment properties. We know from experience that this includes making sure they have the right insurance in place to protect their asset – and their income.

With all the different insurance options (and providers) available, many of our clients told us it was tricky to know which policy was right for them. So, we have made the decision easy! Iron Bridge Property Management is partner with the company we believe is one of New Zealand’s leading insurance providers, Vero Insurance.

It means we can offer you an exclusive insurance package that we believe provides the best range of cover available in the market today (as well as saving you a heap of time, effort and call centre phone calls!)

Insurance cover designed specifically for rental property investors

The Iron Bridge Landlord Protection Insurance package offers comprehensive cover for the factors that we know are essential for investment property owners:

  • Property – Cover for total loss or damage to the property, contents and chattels, including malicious or accidental damage caused by the tenant or anyone else
  • Income – Protection for loss of rent due to the property being uninhabitable, prevention of access, unscheduled departure of a tenant or defaulting rent payments, allowing our clients to continue receiving the income that they have counted on
  • Legal Liability – Cover up to $2,000,000

In addition:

  • Methamphetamine – Illegal substances decontamination up to $30,000

The superior level of benefits offered to our clients reflects the strength of Iron Bridge’s tenant selection processes, property management systems and meth management practices in reducing the likelihood of claims.

Making your rental property insurance claims easier

In the event of a claim, we will help you work through the process as quickly and easily as possible. Your Iron Bridge property manager will lodge the claim on your behalf, and keep you informed every step of the way.

Simple, quick and easy – and there’s only one application form

We care about keeping the insurance process simple and stress-free for our clients – so you’ll only have one basic form to fill out, and you’ll receive all the right benefits in one easy package.

Contact us to get started

Simply contact the Iron Bridge Property Management team to apply for our Landlord Protection Insurance package.