Securing the right investment property requires careful planning. At Iron Bridge, we simplify the property investment process by giving you a clear assessment of the likely cost and return from a prospective property. Our property investment consultants are experts, as they are property investors themselves with many years of experience.

A proven property investment process

Each solution we recommend is tailored to your specific needs and usually involves the following process.

1. Initial meeting

We discuss your goals and needs, and explain the general principles of property investment

2. Finance pre-approval

If you believe property investment is the right option for you, we then recommend you seek independent pre-approval to obtain the finance needed to invest.

3. Presentation of working property investment scenarios

We then take the information you’ve provided us with and create a working scenario that demonstrates:

  • How your property investment would be structured
  • What funds you may have to supply
  • What the returns are likely to be over time

Our estimates are conservative and are based on many years’ experience in this field.

4. Investigate your investment property options

This sees us present you with a range of properties that suit your requirements. We will also help you to inspect and assess those that interest you.

5. Go ahead

Once you have found the right investment property solution, you contract directly with the owner or builder. We will provide you with support as licensed real estate agents.

6. Ongoing support

When your investment property is ready to rent, we can offer assistance with ongoing property management  and rental property insurance..


Iron Bridge Property Investment is not a registered financial advisor. Read our full disclosure statement